Our Story, our Weapon:

This series about the Holy Spirit really helped me understand God better and helped me to have an intimate relationship with God. I now know the true meaning of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. All we have to do is seek him and acknowledge his presence. Only through the Holy Spirit can we understand how beautiful and wonderful our Father is. This series made me realize how previleged we are to have the Holy Spirit freely given to us. I know how to walk in Spirit and lead a life bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit and manifestation of the gifts. I thank God for making me take part in this series and I praise God for all his goodness and mercy. – CHRISTINA S

I went from fearing the Holy Spirit to have an intimate relationship with Him. I hear his whispers; whispers that strengthen, comfort, grieve, and rebuke. Calm your mind and seek God, but how? Here’s the thing, go to Him (probably a secluded place-it helps me) and beseech him to calm your soul. He is a promise keeper and He who is known as ‘The Prince of Peace’ will hem you with peace and enable you to hear his whispers. What I mean by whispers are not ‘the audible ones’. Your mind is capable of occupying you with things that matter the least to God if you do not yield to the Holy Spirit. Your mind is loud but is not always the best guide, it requires for you to listen to the soft, gentle probably not evident if you remain occupied listening to your loud mind, to make healthy decisions. – JEMIMA SUSAN GRACE

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